Tanja Seiner

Designerin und Kuratorin

Tanja Seiner works at the intersection of the conceptual investigation of the processes and mechanisms that shape living environments, and the transfer of these findings into tangible spaces and formats. Her exhibitions are bringing together positions from contemporary design, art and science, and engaging participatory elements and site-specific design commissions. Central to her work is the exploration of the transformative potential of applied design as well as of design fictions.

Tanja Seiner started to pursue her curatorial commitment as early as subsequent to her diploma in product design from the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, when she worked as a senior designer at studio Jerszy Seymour Berlin. Here she conceived products and furniture for industry but soon began to collaborate on conceptual installations for museums amongst which MUDAM Luxembourg, MAK Vienna and Marta Herford (2007–10).

As assistant curator at the municipal art space Lothringer13 in Munich she contributed to the realignment of the institution and collaborated on numerous group exhibitions with local and international artists (2014–2017).

In her first self-initiated exhibition »Pet Market« (erstererster, Berlin 2015) she explored the relationships between humans and their pets from a design perspective. »Creatures Made to Measure – Animals and Contemporary Design« at Museum Marta Herford (2018–19) and Design Museum Gent (2019) took her research into the role of design in human-animal relationships with works by more than 40 international designers and artists yet further. The accompanying publication was published at Kerber Verlag (»Creatures Made to Measure«, Eds­. Design Museum Gent, Marta Herford, Tanja Seiner, 2019). Her previous exhibition »Touch deeper« (Lothringer13 Halle, 2016) investigated how the technological promises of efficiency and control have changed and are changing human behaviour and living environments.

Tanja regularly brings her investigations to design education. She has taught at the product design department and in interdisciplinary seminars in collaboration with the department of art history and aesthetics at Kunsthochschule Kassel (2010–15) and at the cx centre for interdisciplinary studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich (2018).

Tanja is co-founder of the housing cooperative KOOPERATIVE GROSSSTADT which strives to create communal urban spaces in Munich with its building projects.


Photo: Verena Kathrein