Karianne Fogelberg

design theorist and curator

Karianne Fogelberg teaches, writes and thinks about design. The design theorist and curator explores the present expansion of the notion of design, taking into account current theoretical debates including those from social sciences, political theory and philosophy, as well as strategies employed in contemporary design practice. Her work is aimed at developing design theory further taking into consideration the reciprocal relationships between theory and practice. She conceives and realises projects at the interface between teaching and research and investigates speculative scenarios and narratives as applied research method including their transfer into other fields of knowledge.

Since 2012, Karianne has been research fellow for design and architecture theory at the cx centre for interdisciplinary studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. In this context, she has contributed to the conception and moderation of the cx annual lecture series including, more recently, »Real Magic«, 2015/16; »Hybrid Ecologies«, 2016/17; »Politics of Emotion/Power of Affect«, 2017/18 (with Susanne Witzgall et al.). Furthermore, she conceives and holds seminars and workshops on the annual themes of the interdisciplinary study programme from a specific design theoretical angle, amongst which: »The Future of Ageing«, 2015; »Haunted Domesticity«, 2016; »Ecologies of Food«, 2017; »Empathy and Design«, 2017/18; and many more.

Her contributions appeared in design magazines (among others, in »étapes«, »form«, »Frame«) and in academic publications (among others, in »The Present of the Future«, Eds. Susanne Witzgall, Kerstin Stakemeier, diaphanes, 2018).

Karianne has studied European Studies at King’s College London/London School of Economics, including a year at Sciences Po in Paris, and History of Design at the Royal College of Art/Victoria & Albert Museum, London, obtaining a BA and MA(RCA) respectively. Subsequently she was editor at the design magazine »form« (2003–07) and ran the editorial office Schmidt & Fogelberg in Frankfurt am Main (with Petra Schmidt, 2007–10).