Shaping Our Futures Ourselves!

To what degree can we shape our futures here and now? To what extent are our futures shaped by governments, technology companies, and other players?

As part of the half-day, participatory format »Future-Making-Lab – Shaping Our Futures Ourselves!« conceived by UnDesignUnit, participants explore in an interdisciplinary exchange what social, ethical, ecological and economic impact technology-based concepts can have in relation to health and nutrition, mobility and urban planning, education and work. Assuming that the future is rooted in the present, the Future-Making-Lab opens up the critical potential of design to experience, discuss and question current concepts of the future by means of speculative and creative interventions. In doing so, the limits of this approach will also be brought into view and the question will be asked to what extent such design approaches can lead not only to a more far-reaching understanding of complex contexts, but actually to new life designs.

Hybrid and different? – How and where do we want to work in the future?

20.05.2022, The workshop was conceived by UnDesignUnit and implemented in cooperation with Steelcase. Event in the context of the Munich Creative Business Week

What different forms of work will there be? What potential do they hold for cities and rural areas regarding mobility and climate crisis?

In an interdisciplinary exchange, using speculative design methods and input from invited experts, participants explore new forms of work organization as they have been widely implemented for the first time in the pandemic, and develop their own future scenarios that provide possible answers to questions such as: What new working models – from home office or working in third places like cafes and co-working spaces – will there be? How will this impact our work and family lives, our cities and rural areas? What impetus will come from digitization, but also from the desire for face-to-face encounters and exchanges? And how can we actively shape the transformation that is about to take place? The scenarios that have been designed in the Future Making Lab were presented at a get-together in the presence of the public.

Invited Experts:

Michael Held, Design Director Global Furniture at the Steelcase Learning + Innovation Center in Munich.

Michael Dolz, sociologist and founder of the One Man Institute for Social Science Advising in Kiel

Nils Schnell, founder together with Anna Schnell of MOWOWIND – Modern Work Enabling in Hamburg, publisher of ‘The Modern Work Tour – A world tour into the future of our work’.


Civilian drone applications in the city – hopeful or worrying?

13.03.2021, online event in the context of the Munich Creative Business Week

Online discussion round and workshop with selected positions from drone research, its commercial application and speculative design.

The pandemic has shown how quickly new technologies can find their way into our everyday lives. Drones, already traded as a technology of the future before the pandemic, could contribute to its containment, for example, by enabling contactless, intra-city (or regional and possibly cross-border) delivery of tests, vaccines, and medicines, or by monitoring compliance with curfews and contact restrictions. The conceivable applications hold both hopeful and sinister scenarios. What role might drones play in urban contexts in the near future, and what opportunities and challenges are associated with them? Using speculative design methods, the interdisciplinary Future Making Lab explores what social, economic, political, and environmental impact the use of drones might have.


Dr. Nils Gageik, managing director (technical), Emqopter GmbH.

Lynn Harles, Research Associate, “Design-based Strategy Development,” Center for Responsible Research and Innovation at Fraunhofer IAO.

Sabrina John, Managing Director GLVI, Gesellschaft für Luftverkehrsinformatik mbH

Balázs Nagy, Project Manager HORYZN – Prototyping the Aerospace of Tomorrow, Technical University of Munich, Chair of Aerospace Systems / AkaModell München e.V.

Jan Schönberg, Editor-in-Chief, Drones Magazine