Get the Future!

»Now that we can do anything, what will we do?«
Bruce Mau, 2004

Designers and architects have every since come up with visions of the future and their proposals have served more than once as inspirations for contemporary designs. The Futuro by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen symbolically stands for the plastic era, space age and the desire for unconventional, mobile living environments.

On the occasion of the event »FUTURO. SATELLIT 50. 50 Jahre FUTURO. Munich creatives take over the UFO«, curated by Tim Bechthold and Caroline Fuchs, UnDesignUnit designed the Futuro Oracle. In line with the theme »Get the Future!« fortune cookies with future visions by renowned designers which had been selected by UnDesignUnit awaited to be cracked open.

Let us close the oracle with the words by Andrea Branzi »The future […] is one of those inventions which design is unable to free itself of. Dealing with the continuous present in which we live is challenging enough.« (2018).

Photos: Olaf Becker, UnDesignUnit