Hit the Future –
Design Beyond the Borders

What alternatives are available?

What potential lies in the interrelation between design and other disciplines? What alternatives does design have to offer with regard to the use of materials, resources, energy, and distribution systems in the future?

Novel assignments and self-initiated projects have led a new generation of designers to challenge common attitudes and practices. The result is a new understanding of design – design between and as interface with other disciplines.

For the design exhibition »HIT THE FUTURE – Design beyond the borders« curators Sarah Dorkenwald and Alexandra Weigand showcased international projects that make design of the future experienceable.


In the search for ways to use resources sustainably designers are exploring new ways to apply existing materials, rediscovering and reinterpreting old formulations, and rethinking our society’s (consumption-based) behavior.


New production methods such as 3D printing as well as technology transfer provide opportunities to redefine form-finding processes and manufacture customized products in series.


A new attitude towards the way we deal with nature becomes apparent when plants, bacteria, microbes and insects are turned into equal partners in the production of materials and objects or even generate energy or provide preventative medical services.

Against the background of modern global challenges, design is becoming a field in which there is much cross-discipline experimentation involving the sciences, industry and society. Form no longer follows function; FORM FOLLOWS PROCESS will be the new leitmotiv!

With projects by:

Tomáš Libertíny, Julia Lohmann, Justin McGuirk, Nendo, Shapes iN Play, Stefan Schwabe & Jannis Hülsen, Studio Formafantasma, Susana Soares, Mike Thompson

The exhibition was funded by the Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology.

Photos: Mirei Takeuchi